STABILO – Transforming Recruitment

Transforming Recruitment

Empowering STABILO
with customizable
Job Ad Templates.

The Challenge.

STABILO recognized the need to adopt a new approach to recruiting that would not only streamline the process but also empower them to be more self-reliant. They sought a solution that would enable them to create job adverts independently and effectively across various platforms. This presented a unique challenge that demanded a creative and customizable solution.

Our Approach.

In close collaboration with STABILO, we conceptualized the idea of creating customizable job advert templates.

To ensure the scalability and effectiveness of the solution, our team not only re-designed the visual aspects of the job adverts, but also created a comprehensive template-system that enabled STABILO to reproduce the visuals for different job categories and platforms. This ensured a consistent and cohesive visual identity across all their recruitment efforts, regardless of the location or job category.


Our collaboration with STABILO resulted in a transformative recruitment solution. Through which, they achieved a greater level of independence and efficiency in their recruitment process, leading to a positive impact on their talent acquisition efforts worldwide.

We believe in empowering companies to overcome recruitment challenges through tailor-made and customizable solutions.

Our partnership with STABILO exemplifies our commitment to holistic problem solving, transforming the way companies approach talent acquisition.


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