A guided Exploration

Brand Identity.

A guided Exploration

Brand Identity.

minality embraces the mission of helping companies discover the true essence of their brands. Our commitment to strategic brand development is exemplified through our partnership with ProServ, a distinguished provider of HR-Solutions that underwent a merger with the company LogWorks. The following case, highlights the importance of company culture, employee engagement, and genuine communication when creating a strong brand identity.

Recognizing the importance of a well- defined brand identity that resonates with the internal as well as the external stakeholders, ProServ’s leaders sought our assistance. We embarked on a collaborative project, balancing employee involvement and administrative efficiency. Our shared objective was to discover the qualities of the new ProServ brand and manifest them.

Fostering unity
through collaboration.

In our pursuit of inclusivity and collaboration, we adopted a multifaceted approach. From the CEOs to the leadership circles, we organized an event that centered around a “World Cafe.” This interactive gathering served as a pivotal platform, where employees from both merging companies actively contributed their ideas, fostering a shared sense of ownership and collaboration in its process.

The transformational

Our comprehensive research and workshops yielded invaluable insights that guided the creation of ProServ’s distinctive brand identity and our process towards it. We integrated archetypical methods paired with the system of “Brand Core Values”, systemizing the true essence of ProServ, in order to create a strong content basis to build on. At this point we started transforming these contents into representations that visually conveyed the brand identity, resonating with employees and external stakeholders alike.

Speaker holding a microphone.

Manifesting a brand should not be limited to the external view.

In our opinion it all starts within. Only a brand that passed the test of the internal empathies potentially will be carried outward in an authentic fashion. As the world was still held hostage by the coronavirus, we tried to find a way of communicating the new-born Brand in an understandable and relatable way to all ProSev employees. We decided on a live online meeting so people could interact with the presenters and amongst each other.

Through our partnership with ProServ, we embarked on a transformative journey of exploration.

Together, we navigated the complexities of merging companies, crafting a powerful and cohesive brand identity in the process. By that we established a robust foundation for communication, positioning ProServ for continued success.

We are looking forward to many more cases resulting from our collaboration. Thank you.


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