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We present our recent collaboration with Hoyt Games, a gaming company with operations in both the USA and Germany. Hoyt Games is renowned for its range of digital games, predominantly focused on riddle-solving and intellectual engagement. Our latest partnership involved the visual conception and creation of a new app named “See & Solve Trivia Game Show.”

The core challenge for our agency was to conceptualize and design the visual user experience (UX) of this app. Hoyt Games relied on our expertise to deliver a user interface (UI) that would be intuitive, visually engaging, and ultimately offer players an enjoyable experience.

Our Approach

To tackle this project, we relied on our tried-and-true creative process, with specific adaptations to meet the needs of the game genre and the unique requirements of this project. We immersed ourselves in the world of trivia and riddle-solving games, identifying the critical UI elements that foster a seamless, fun, and self-explanatory experience for users.

An essential part of our strategy involved incorporating the persona of the Hoyt Games’ founder into the Design. Recognizing that the founder is well-known and respected among the loyal fan base of Hoyt Games, we integrated him as a visual guide promoting the game. This addition aimed to foster a sense of familiarity and trust among users as they navigate towards the new gaming environment.

The Collaborative Experience

Working with Hoyt Games has been a rewarding experience. We found the collaboration to be swift, straightforward, and open, contributing to a productive and enjoyable project. The programming of the app ran concurrently with our visual development process, allowing for a symbiotic learning experience and mutual growth of expertise.


This project presented us with an exciting opportunity to focus primarily on the visual aspect, taking a step away from strategic content structure. This shift was a refreshing change, and we appreciated the chance to channel our creative energy into crafting a visually compelling gaming experience.


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