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Transforming Brand
Authentic Imagery

In today’s digital landscape,
the internet is saturated with generic and
uninspiring stock imagery.

We believe that using imagery that truly represents a brand can be one of the most powerful and emotional forms of communication. It creates authenticity and establishes a solid foundation for cohesive brand messaging. Our client, ProServ, shared this idea, and together we embarked on a process to elevate their brand through a series of photoshoots.

Providing Full-Service

We conceptualized a comprehensive project vision and plan of action based on the specific picture material necessary to ProServ’s daily communication needs. Soon after we presented our suggested course of action, we leveraged our extensive network and expertise to deliver a seamless experience for ProServ. We connected with a top-tier photographer, provided creative direction throughout the entire process, and took care of every other aspect, from hiring models to art direction on the spot.

Navigating Production

To capture the essence of ProServ’s brand, we organized a photo session in one of Proserv’s client’s production facilities. It was crucial to strike a balance between capturing captivating imagery and minimizing disruptions to the daily workflow. Additionally, we conducted a photoshoot in an office setting, involving several employees of ProServ. This dynamic approach allowed us to create engaging visuals while fostering a fun and productive atmosphere.

The Power of
Authentic Imagery

The results of our collaborative efforts demonstrate the transformative impact of authentic imagery. ProServ now possesses a pool of pictures that truly differentiate them in the market. This initial effort in increasing a unique visual identity now pays substantial dividends when it comes to meeting the demands of modern marketing and communication every day.


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